I started the Brief History Blog as an outlet for sharing the stuff that fascinates me. From farming ants to colonial environmental engineering and anything in-between.

At the aim of everything I write about is one central question:

What makes us human?

I’m a student, pet owner, boyfriend and wine lover. Often opinionated, always thinking and never done learning.

The best way to figure that out is by learning with an open mind. Not just from one group of people, but from as many as possible. That’s why I look to the natural sciences as well as the social sciences and the humanities. It’s impossible to understand people or societies unless we understand the world we evolved in and our relationship to other forms of life.

I’m not an expert. If you notice any mistakes, don’t hesitate to comment directly on a post or contact me via the form below. Likewise if you disagree with anything I write. It’s only by sharing our viewpoints that we become smarter.