The past is foreign country; they do things differently there.

L.P. Hartley – The Go-Between

Hartley’s quote is poignant. And like any journey to foreign lands, the traveller needs a guide to help understand the wonderful things they encounter along the way, and decide what’s worth seeing and what’s not. That’s where I enter the picture.

Having looked at several history blogs and deciding that their itineraries left a lot of things unseen, I decided to change what’s on offer. That’s why I won’t delve into the British monarchy, the Crusades or the Middle Ages. There’s a ton of blogs concerned with those topics, and they deal with them much better than I could ever dream of.

Telling these stories, I draw on the skills I’ve learnt as a history student and the resources available to me at the University of Copenhagen.

This is like any other travel blog. But here we travel not only to foreign lands, but foreign times as well. Join me for the ride. Check out my latest posts here or use the menu to navigate.

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