Welcome to Brief History

History helps us understand the world of today. It might even show us where we need to be tomorrow.

But history takes time. And that’s something you don’t have much left of. Kids, marriage, work, school, social media. Even staying in the know takes time. The stuff that already happened isn’t at the top of your priorities.

And I get that.

Which is why I’m only asking for five minutes. That’s it.

Five minutes once a week and in a month you’ll have a better grasp of the world we live in. Check out the weekly briefs here.

If you decide to spend longer on the site, I’ve also got longer stories, covering everything from the history of capitalism to disease, war, and famine. Explore the bi-weekly features here.

So welcome. Whether you want to spend five minutes or an hour, I’ve got you covered. You might even learn something new.

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